Lions International

Timeline for Youth Exchange?


Youths from New Zealand travel overseas for five weeks during December and January.

August 31st is the cut-off date for you to complete an Application Form and send this along with a deposit of $1000.00 to the local Lions Club or Lions Youth Exchange coordinator. Please include two passport sized photos with your application form.

October 31st is the due date for the balance of your exchange cost. You will also need to fill in the Travel Insurance application form and send this along with a copy of your passport to the Lions Youth Exchange coordinator.

Once all of your hosting is arranged you will be advised of the host families contact details so that you can start corresponding with them by e-mail before your departure.

November is the month when you and your parents will have an orientation session with your local Lions Youth Chairman. You will find out what is expected of you when you are overseas with the Youth programme and it is also a chance for you to ask any questions you may have.

At this meeting you will be given a Youth Exchange shirt or jacket plus a name badge which are to be worn when travelling to help the airport greeters identify you. You will also receive banners and pins to give away to your host families and any Lions Clubs you visit while overseas. Your local Lions Club will provide you with some of their banners and also some souvenirs to give away while overseas.

Upon your return your supporting Lions Club will invite you to one of their meetings so you can share your experiences. You may also be asked to write an overview of your time overseas and what you got out of the exchange.


The do's and don'ts are covered at your orientation meeting and also in the Youth Exchange booklet but here are some important ones to remember:

      1      You are not allowed to drive while overseas.

      2      No bungee jumping without written permission from your parents.

      3      Absolutely no taking of drugs.

      4      No drinking of alcohol unless your host family approves.

Sometimes you and your hosts are not compatible.

This is rare but it can happen. If it does, the Lions in your host country will take care of you and find you a new host family.