Lions International

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I attend school while overseas?

No, you become part of the family and experience their lifestyle and learn about the local culture.

What do I have to wear?

We ask you to wear the Youth Exchange polo shirt or jacket with dark trousers or a skirt when travelling or if attending a local Lions Club meeting. Your own clothes are acceptable at other times.

Will I travel as part of a group?

Not necessarily as there may not be enough exchangees travelling to the same country.

Do Lions help pay for my trip?

No, you and your parents pay for the trip but the local Club may give you some spending money and also souvenirs to give to your hosts.

Do I need to take gifts for my hosts?

Yes, you will need Christmas gifts for the host family you are with at that time plus thank you gifts for each host family.

How much spending money do I need?

This can vary depending on the country you are travelling to. It may be an idea to take a card so you can access funds while overseas.

How do I request an application form?

Go to the Contact Us Tab, find the co-ordinator for your country of choice and either ring or e-mail them your details.

Does my family have to host an overseas youth?

It would be good if they could but this is not a requirement for you to be accepted.

Do my parents have to be Lions?

No, any young adults between ages 17 and 21 can apply. Your application form will need to be signed off by a local Lions Club.

Where do I find an application form?

Go to the Contact Us page, find the co-ordinator for your country of choice, and either ring or Send a Message to them with your details and they will post one out to you. The co-ordinator will also advise the address to return the completed form to. Or click this link for theApplication  Form.