Lions International


Due to the large variations that occur in the cost of overseas travel, we do not finalise our individual Programme costs until April each year.

As an indication here are last year’s costs:

USA & CANADA:  $4,900.00
Enjoy a white Christmas and some great scenery.

AUSTRALIA: $1,500.00
Decide between Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria.
Please note: You must make your own way to the nearest International airport in NZ.

It is possible there may be some additional travel costs within Australia as the above cost only covers limited internal travel.

JAPAN: $3,500.00
Hosting is based around the large metropolitan areas of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.

MALAYSIA: $3,200.00
Hosting in the exciting area of Kuala Lumpur. 

EUROPE: $4,900.00
Europe and Scandinavia - The cost is approx.  Cost can vary depending on the country you choose.

SOUTH AMERICA: $5,200.00 

Brazil and Argentina – The cost is approx. Cost can vary depending on the country you choose.


These trips are excellent value when you see what you are getting for your dollar. Costs may vary depending on which country you choose for your cultural exchange.

Return Airfares

from your home city to your host city plus internal travel within your country of choice. An exception to this is Australia as mentioned above.


five weeks of the best hospitality in the world living in a family environment.

Travel Insurance

you are covered with full travel insurance for the period of your exchange.

Travel Uniform

you will be supplied a short sleeve polo shirt for the warmer countries, a long sleeve shirt for the cooler countries and a blazer style jacket for Japan. These all have the Youth Exchange logo on them and should be worn along with your name badge when travelling and also when visiting a Lions Club.